Love it Landscapes - Sunbury 1




Developer: Love it Landscapes

Location: Sunbury, Victoria [Not Currently On Display]

Job Completed: Early 2017

Screens Used: QAQ Pretoria 70% Blockout, Aluminium Composite [PVDF MATTE BLACK]

What the developers have to say: 

"This client wanted a landscaping design that looked stylish and eye-catching and allowed space for entertaining family and friends. Functionality was extremely important and part of the brief was to include an outdoor food prep area.

In the design, we included a custom made BBQ area consisting of a blue stone bench top, merbau doors and rendered walls. To maximise space we included a merbau bench seat and lighting for night time ambiance. The pergola and screens were designed to give privacy as well as landscaping flair. Granite pavers complete this sophisticated design."