Decorative / Privacy Screens


Australian Compressed Hardwood -Decorative / Privacy Screens

Our most popular material is Reconstituted, Compressed Hardwood from the Weathertex® brand, which is made from 97% timber and 3% Natural wax. Affordable and practical, it does not contain any VOC. Suitable for interior and exterior application, it has a 7-year warranty against rotting, splitting or cracking, and is available in a smooth finish on both sides, or a ‘woodsman’ emboss on one side, which has a rough tree like grain. For added UV protection it can be finished with a Jarrah or Charcoal Sealer.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) -Decorative / Privacy Screens

MDF- Medium Density Fibreboard - is a smooth, dense wood with no visible surface grains, as it is made up of fine, tightly compressed particles. It can be easily machined, drilled, cut, and filled without damaging the surface. It can be glued together, dowelled together with PVA wood glue, or cut and joined with traditional woodwork techniques. Its smooth surface makes it ideal for varnishing, painting with oil or water-based paints, or even a veneer or laminate finish. It is an indoor-only material and makes a fantastic room divider.

Cor-Ten® (Rusting Steel) -Decorative / Privacy Screens

Cor-ten® (Rusting Steel) is a high-strength steel, ideal for long-term outdoor installation. When exposed to the weather, Cor-Ten® forms an attractively natural surface rust. Though it is most popular for exterior application, it is also suitable for interior application.

Aluminium -Decorative / Privacy Screens

Aluminium is a light-weight metal that invariably requires colour. The best method of providing this is through powder coating, which is available in a multitude of colours, and is most popularly used for architectiral screening.

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACM) -Decorative / Privacy Screens

The Aluminium Composite Panel is a light-weight composite sandwich panel, consisting of pre-finished, coated aluminium skins, over a polymer core. There are numerous colours to choose from.

Acrylic - Perspex® -Decorative / Privacy Screens

Acrylic/Perspex - These types of plastics are lightweight, inexpensive, impact resistant, flexible and a versatile substitute for inflexible and heavy glass. They are available in a wide variety of different colours.

Q-Board (Integral PVC) -Decorative / Privacy Screens

PVC is a light-weight, cost-effective material that is made from a polymer foam core. PVC has a near Zero moisture absorp on, and is self-extinguishing. It will not rot, and is suitable for both interior and exterior application.