Mount your screens with easy DIY panel mounts


QAQ Decorative Screens and Panels offer an extensive range of premium quality standoffs to suit a variety of applications. Ideal for indoor and outdoor screen or panel mounting, standoffs can also be used to mount signage, architectural plaques, glass panels or even photo frames. With an elegant look and vast range of standard finishes, Standoffs can be suited towards any residential or commercial application. 


Brass Standoffs:


Aluminium Standoffs:


Stainless Steel Standoffs: 


Aluminium Bowhead Standoffs:


Standoffs also come in various sizes 

13-19mm, 13-40mm, 19-19mm, 19- 25mm, 19-50mm, 25-25mm 


Place the screen on the wall & mark your wall drilling points. Then drill a hole in the wall and add the nylon wall anchors and screw into the wall.








QAQ Recommends a standoff every 600 mm, Drill a hole with a 3 mm drill bit. 


Screen Sizes

Recomended Standoffs 

600mm x 1200mm Screens:

6 Standoffs

1200mm x 1200mm Screens: 8 Standoffs
1800mm x 1200mm Screens:

10 Standoffs

2400mm x 1200mm Screens:

12 Standoffs

3600mm x 1200mm Screens:

16 Standoffs


All QAQ Panel mounts come complete (Packs of 4) and ready to be installed.

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