Searching for an alternative to wood-based materials? Q-Board (PVC) is an affordable and versatile material, that should be considered for your next project. 


What is Q-Board PVC

PVC Foam board or Q-board for short, is one of the most versatile materials on the market. This new generation of PVC Foam board is an extruded sheet which develops a naturally smooth surface upon cooling. Q-board, an Eco-friendly product, is self-extinguishing, water, moisture and mildew proof, resistant to termites and pests; Q Board also is also chemical resistant.  





Why Q-board PVC over traditional wood-based materials

The main advantages of Q-board are its smooth glossy finish, virtually zero water absorption, rigidity as well as sound and thermal insulation. Q-board can be worked like conventional timber and accepts drilling, screwing and nailing; heat folding, bonding, painting and edge banding making it an ideal alternative to traditional materials such as MDF, plywood and particle board.


Advantages of using Q-board PVC

Features  Q-Board (PVC) Plywood MDF 


Particle Board 


Water & Moisture Proof
Termine and Rodent Proof 
No Shrinkage or Swelling
Corrosion Resistant
Splinter Free
Maintenance Free
 Environmentally Friendly
Smooth Surface  Smooth and Flat  Rough Texture  Rough Texture  Rough Texture
Outdoor Applications
Indoor Applications
Gluing and Laminating
Weather and Ageing Resistant