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Named after the Northern Territory city of Darwin here in Australia, QAQ's laser cut decorative screen pattern 'Darwin' features intersecting and overlapping circles of even-width lines with hexagonal center circles.  It is a beautifully harmonious pattern that would work well with either a classic or modern interior or exterior decorating asthetic. 

This pattern has a 50% privacy and sun block-out rating, making it a suitable choice for when you want just a bit of privacy or shade, or simply to delininate a room with beautiful and striking style.

QAQ manufactures a number of circular patterned screens, some of which we have previously spotlighted here on our blog, including the minimalist 'Capri' pattern, exotic 'Budapest', and the elegant 'Valencia' pattern. 

'Darwin' has a classic, uncomplicated simplicity about it that has made it a popular choice for our customers. Shown here are some of  our favorite installations of this design. 

Above: For our platinum retail distributor, Living Effects, a 'Darwin' wall of 600mm x 1200mm screens cut in smooth-grain compressed hardwood were painted in a russet red  and featured as part of an 'Autumnal' display room.  This room features two inverse patterns of our 'Autumn' design in the 'rusty metal' corten. 

At the chic bohemian boutique, Camilla's, at Melbourne's stunning Emporium Mall, a large 'Darwin' screen painted white creates texture on a plain white wall. Next to it is our 'Istanbul' Islamic-inspired design. 

In a more unusual installation, 'Darwin' screens were placed over mirrored recesses in a modern bathroom.

Lastly, in one of the easiest and most popular methods of enjoying laser cut decorative screens, a compressed hardwood 'Darwin' screen hangs as decorative art on an outdoor patio wall. Standoffs were used to hold the screen a few centimeters off the wall, giving it a more sculpural, three-dimensional quality. Learn how to hang a decorative screen on a wall in our full tutorial here. 


QAQ wholesales to retailers, builders, landscapers, and many other Australian businesses throughout Australia.
We can custom cut screens in a wide variety of sizes, designs, materials, and finishing options.
To custom order, fill in our quick quote form or contact a sales rep at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For retail, see our list of distributors located throughout Australia or order online at:
To see more installations of 'Darwin' as they come in, as well as to learn more about the city of Darwin, Australia, and the stunning natural scenery around the Northern Territory, follow our 'Darwin' Pinterest board here.  You'll find a board for every design we have spotlighted so far, filled with photos of beautiful installations alongside the travel destination namesake or style asthetic the design inspires.  
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~Christine Rice

QAQ participated at the 2017 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show this year with sponsorships for Water Features Direct and FMSA Architecture.

Firstly, our striking joint exhibition with Water Features Direct  featured a large pergola made out of QAQ laser cut decorative screens in a variety of designs and materials. Large water features and a small pond surrounded the pergola, making it a lovely, quite serene-sounding and contemplative little corner of the garden show.  The show took place in mid-April at the Carlton Gardens, Melbourne, over a few days of mixed sunshine and light showers.

The large pergola was constructed mostly out of 1200mm x 600mm compressed hardwood panels. The back wall featured a large corten 'Tree' design with acrylic backing. 

The top of the pergola was made up of panels in the 'Suva' pattern, with 'Cayman' panels just below.

In addition to the Water Features Direct pergola, QAQ also sponsored the entry of FMSA Architecture in the annual Cubby House Challenge. The Cubby House Challenge is a design competition where designers build amazing children's cubby houses that then get auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the Kids Under Cover charity to prevent youth homelessness. FMSA's 'Kooky Cubby House' entry was a futuristic design made with QAQ's help in the CNC routing of it's ceiling and 3-D printing technology. It featured sensory delights for kids such as fur-lined inner seating, glowing ceiling lights, and synthetic-grass steps. It was quite a delight for us to watch the oddly-shaped parts of this strange cubby house all come together over the weeks leading up to the show!

Other exhibitions included many mini-panaromas of garden retreats, patios, and enchanting spa alcoves.

Our favorite exhibition was this adorable Hobbit House, beautifully landscaped with flowers. It even had a little smokestack that puffed out smoke!

To see more photos from some of the various home and garden shows QAQ has participated in over the years, see our latest Pinterest board here!


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~Christine Rice

The laser cut intersecting circles of our exotic 'Budapest' decorative screen design makes this pattern a nice choice for a casual interior decorating scheme.

Not quite floral, yet not strictly geometric, this symmetrical pattern sits somewhere between a modern and a traditional style.

It also has a 40% sunlight block-out rating, which provides just enough shade or privacy to be practical in addition to being beautiful, no matter where or how it is installed. 

In this installation, gold-toned, powder-coated aluminum screens are used as space dividers in a modern style hair salon.

Mild steel, aluminum, and ACM (aluminum composite material) can all be powder-coated a number of colors within the QAQ manufacturing factory located in Melbourne. 

In this modern, yet slightly quirky kitchen installation, 'Budapest' screens cut in MDF (medium density fiberboard) are painted a light gray to contrast with white walls.

MDF is one of the most inexpensive materials screens can be cut from, though it is strictly to be used indoors only. 

Laser cut decorative screens have many uses, but one of the less common is as added security! Here, 'Budapest' screens cut in brown powder-coated mild steel are installed over windows, providing shade, privacy, and an added deterrent to break-ins. 

Compressed hardwood is the most common material used for garden, pergola, privacy wall, and fence decorative screens.  Here, large 'Budapest' screens provide shade and privacy on a front entry deck, creating an interesting, inviting welcome area for the home. 

In a Melbourne gaming pub shown here, two beautiful 'Budapest' screens of two different sizes add an element of the exotic in cream, powder-coated, aluminum. 


QAQ wholesales to retailers, builders, landscapers, and many other Australian businesses throughout Australia.

We can custom cut screens in a wide variety of sizes, designs, materials, and finishing options.

To custom order, fill in our quick quote form or contact a sales rep at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For retail, see our list of distributors located throughout Australia or order online at:

To see more installations of 'Budapest' as they come in, as well as to see truly bohemian interior decorating inspiration and to find out more about its beautiful Hungarian namesake, follow our 'Budapest' Pinterest board here. 

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~Christine Rice  

QAQ's laser cut decorative screen known as 'Valencia' is a beautifully modern, intersecting and overlapping circular pattern. This design has a 60% sunlight block-out rating, making it an ideal choice for window shade and pergolas that are exposed directly to sunshine. 

Here are some installations of this classic design followed by a brief look at its namesake city, Valencia, Spain.

'Valencia' installations here were used to block-out direct sunlight at a commercial site.  These were cut in 3 mm ACM (aluminum composite material), which is an ideal indoor or outdoor material that can be powder-coated a large variety of colors. Other metals suited to this type of  large outdoor installation range from corten (rusty metal), mild steel, and aluminum.  

This installation of 'Valencia' in a QAQ supplier store display is in white-painted MDF (medium density fibreboard). This material is used for indoor installations only and comes in various thicknesses: 3, 6, 12, or 18 mm. Also featured in the above photo is QAQ's 'Istanbul' design used on one of our custom-made light boxes. 

All QAQ's laser cut screens look great when used against a plain painted wall for decorative interest. Here's 'Valencia' in compressed hardwood (Weathertex brand) used on a residential patio wall. 


'Valencia's namesake is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. It's a city of strikingly modern architecture alongside historical sites dating back from its Roman founding. Its also the home of that world-famous dish we know as Spanish paella--vegetables and seafood mixed with spicy rice. 

To see more installation photos of QAQ's 'Valencia' as they come in and to see more photos of the city of Valencia alongside them, follow our Pinterest board 'Valencia' here.

For more information about QAQ wholesale screens, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or give us a call at (03) 8390-0306.

For retail store locations, please see our distributors page here. 

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~Christine Rice

The beautifully exotic 'Istanbul' decorative screen design is made up of geometric lines and circles in a traditional tessellated Islamic pattern found in Muslim nations such as Turkey. This beautiful pattern adapts to the modern interior design trend toward the geometric exceptionally well, yet still evokes a dash of the exoticism of a rich cultural history and the grandeur of the once vast Ottoman empire. It is a popular design choice for decorative screens, so we have a variety of installations in various materials and sizes to share here, and we will also pay a little homage to middle-eastern style decor to get you inspired by this lovely design!

 This installation of three large indoor wall inserts at an aged care facility features the 'Istanbul' in powder-coated, 3 mm thick aluminum.  Powder-coating is a paint finish in a variety of color choices that can also be applied to mild steel and ACM (aluminum composite material). 

This extremely large, curved installation at the same facility is made up of two screens in the maximum size available, 3000 mm x 1500 mm. This size is only available in some thicknesses. 

As with all QAQ decorative screens, any design can be made in a variety of materials to suit your decorating needs. This customer required a light, indoor material to hang on her foyer hall, so here is 'Istanbul' in MDF (medium density fibreboard), in the size 1800 mm x 900 mm. MDF is 16 mm thick and can be painted, drilled, glued, or cut to suit any woodworking project.

Here two 'Istanbul' screens have been used atop light boxes in a dining room setting. QAQ manufactures these light boxes, which can be custom made to feature any design with any colored light behind it. They especially work well behind a bar or a low-lit dining evening area to create an enchanting atmosphere. 

'Istanbul' was a perfect choice for the colorfully ethnic interior at boutique shop Camilla's at the Emporium Melbourne. Here it adds texture to the wall without a contrasting color to distract attention from the products. To the right of it is another QAQ design, 'Christchurch' (follow the link to see our feature post on that design). 

Now for a little Turkish interior inspiration: 

  The bathhouse, or 'hamam' in Turkey, is a central part of Turkish culture and so is an excellent choice for a middle-eastern style interior decor scheme. This modern bathroom features a stunning middle-eastern-inspired wallpaper or tiling and, from the mirrored view, has a laser cut decorative screen installed nearby, perhaps as a room divider or window insert. (Note: the screen shown here is not a QAQ design).




These homes feature a mix of modern and traditional furniture, pulled together by Turkish rugs or Middle-Eastern inspired tiles or textiles. Low seating and tables is also a trademark of this decorating style.  To see more interior images alongside installations of QAQ's 'Istanbul' and travel information about Istanbul itself, follow our screen feature post, 'Istanbul' Screen Design on Pinterest. 

Contact QAQ for a quote for your next home improvement project at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at (03) 8390-0306. 

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~Christine Rice

Decorative screens manufactured by QAQ can come in a wide variety of designs, materials, sizes, and finishes, and the gorgeous 'Cairo' is just one of over 60 patterns you can choose from.  This striking installation at a Henley display home in Rockbank, Victoria was too lovely not to feature on its own. 

Cut in mild steel and powder-coated in a soft cream to match the outdoor decorative color scheme, this installation is used to provide an interesting backdrop to this outdoor area, while also providing just a hint of shade and privacy. 'Cairo' is rated a low 45% block-out, but other designs can provide up to 90%.

QAQ wholesales and distributes throughout Australia. Contact us today for a quote, or ask us to mail out a catalog to you so that you may be able to browse or show to clients at your leisure: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To see many more installations of 'Cairo' as well as our other designs, follow our Pinterest boards, where we feature individual boards on our most popular designs!  

Thank you for reading!

~Christine Rice

QAQ's Platinum Stockist, Living Effects, now has a retail outlet store just across from the Highpoint Shopping Centre, Melbourne!

Living Effects supplies QAQ decorative screens for gardens or interiors in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and materials at the lowest prices. Located at 2a Williamson Road, the outlet centre sells decorative screens and a variety of other options for fencing, garden walls, patio walls, pergolas, or any home renovation project you may have in mind. 

Compressed hardwood products are sold raw, stained in 'Jarrah', or stained in 'Charcoal'.

There are also a number of ACM (aluminum composite material) screens in both a CNC routed (laser cut look) style and a turret-punch style.  Shown above: a large mirror ACM screen in the 'Cayman' design.

Here's a large 'Maple' design in raw compressed hardwood in the smooth grain.

And here we have a large 'Washington' in 'Jarrah'-stained compressed hardwood in the 'Woodsman' grain.

Two large 2400mm x 1200mm compressed hardwood screens, both stained in 'Charcoal', the 'Pretoria' design and the lovely 'Maple' design, are hung one of the walls using stand-offs.  The 'Pretoria' is in a smooth grain while the 'Maple' is in the 'Woodsman' grain. 

The largest selection you'll find is the standard 1200mm x 600mm compressed hardwood screens. These are ideal for gardens and outdoor areas, but you can also paint or stain them and install them in indoor areas. 

Other materials you'll find are: MDFcorten, aluminum, mild steel, acrylic, and Integral PVC. Learn more about each of these materials here.  

Shown above: the gorgeous 'Morocco', "Pretoria', 'Kyoto', 'Capri', and 'Bamboo', all in raw, smooth compressed hardwood, ready to be stained or painted for your project!

Visit the Living Effects outlet store if you are in Melbourne and grab a deal for your summer home improvement project! The helpful staff are extremely knowledgeable about the materials and all the various ways they can be installed in the home. And, as the store is connected to the Living Effects retail showroom in Derrimut, you can also talk to the staff about custom screens or larger purchases if you do not find quite what you need. For more about Living Effects, visit:

2a Williamson Rd, Maribyrnong, Vic 3032

(03) 8385 9083

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


One of QAQ's most modern and minimalist decorative screens designs is our 'Valletta' pattern, named after the beautiful, ancient capital of Malta in the Mediterranean.  This design features straight lines divided evenly to create a brick-like layout. It's simple symmetry and classic, versatile style make it an easy choice for a modern Australian home. Here are some of our most attractive installations of 'Valletta', followed by a few stunning images and facts about its namesake to entice you to not only want to install a decorative screen in your home, but to book yourself a trip to Malta to boot!

Featured recently in my post on the Henley Display Homes, this 'Valletta' screen is cut in compressed hardwood in the 'Woodsman' (textured) finish and stained a glowing chocolate brown in the 'Jarrah' stain option. The alternative options in compressed hardwood are to have a smooth finish and/or a dark gray 'Charcoal' stain. 

Decorative screens make building a pergola extremely easy, and though QAQ has many more ornate designs, the 'Valletta' design suits this modern Metricon display home especially well. Here the screens are a compressed hardwood that has been painted to match the patio color scheme. 

The advantage of using screens to divide rooms is not only a subtle demarcation of space, but added texture and visual interest to the layout of a modern open interior, which can sometimes seem rather sparse. 

Now, to head to Valletta, Malta, for the much older beauty of it's seaside landscape....

Valletta is a cultural capital of Europe with a legendary past. The capital of Malta has one of Europe's most scenic harbors, surrounded by some of the grandest fortifications in the world. It has been called a "city built for gentleman by gentleman" because of its having been handed over to the Knights of John of Jerusalem, known as the 'Grand Masters' and defenders of the Holy Lands that provided shelter for pilgrims in the 11th century. In 1530, the Spanish King, Charles V, gave Malta to the Knights, who then set out to create one of Europe's finest capitals. The grand baroque architecture reflects the knights' stature as aristocrats from the noblest families in EnglandFranceSpain, and other European countries. 

Valletta's top tourist attractions today include: 

St. John's Co Cathedral

The Casa Rocca Piccola: an aristocratic Maltese home

The Upper Barrakka Gardens and military ceremonies

The beautiful waterfront, featuring a string of cafes and restaurants built in what once were warehouses

The Manoel Theatre--one of the oldest and grandest theaters in Europe


I hope you've enjoyed this feature on the 'Valletta' pattern and its namesake, the capital of Malta. For more decorating inspiration and a many more stunning photos of the island of Malta see QAQ's Pinterest board on this design: 'Valletta Screen Design', alongside many more feature screen boards.  


Of the 60+ designs that QAQ manufactures, there are a handful that are extremely popular that we see installed again and again, but there are many more fantastic designs to suit a variety of decorating styles that receive far less exposure such as these three Art Deco-inspired screen designs we call 'San Remo', Altona', and 'Elwood'. 

Art Deco is a visual arts style that began in France before World War I in a time when the wonders and efficiency of machinery and technology were embraced with a forward-thinking enthusiasm and hope. It took off in the 1920's and grew throughout the 1930's, influencing designers around the globe, until its demise after the second World War.

The motifs of Art Deco designs are symmetrical, repetitive, and non-organic, similar to the processes of machinery. Composed of geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation, it is a design style that renewed a sense of positivity after the devastation of the first war, with its faith placed in technology and machines to rebuild a new, more modern and glamorous future.

 Though I have only a few installations of the these three designs to show you, I would like to inspire you to imagine how these three designs might look when installed in modern Art Deco styled homes. Remember, QAQ screens can be cut in variety of materials from compressed hardwood, stained Charcoal or Jarrah, or they can be cut in mild steel, ACM, and aluminum, all of which can be powder-coated in a wide variety of colors to suit an Art Deco interior decorating color scheme. Raw aluminum with its glamorously industrial silver sheen would especially suit these designs.



This first installation is appropriately glamorous, with an 'Altona' screen cut in MDF and painted black with a high-gloss, tupac finish. 

Here we see the 'Elwood' design cut in compressed hardwood (Weathertex) beautifully dividing a carport from a backyard living area. 

This installation of 'Altona' at the Kingston Hotel, in Richmond, VIC, features 18 mm thick MDF that has been painted a steel gray only upon its surface, giving the design more of an optical illusion, sculptural quality. 

Again in compressed hardwood, here 'Altona' is featured enclosing a patio, providing shade, privacy, and of course, Art Deco-inspired beauty. 


Now for some present-day Art Deco interior decorating inspiration:

I hope you have enjoyed this brief foray into Art Deco design in modern interiors. To see much more in this style and to see the latest installation pics of 'San Remo', 'Altona', and 'Elwood' as we they come in, follow our decorative screen Pinterest board features, including one just for 'Art Deco Screen Designs'.

For trade inquiries, email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thank-you for reading! Please comment with any questions you may have about QAQ decorative screens or panels.



One of the easiest, most practical, and extremely attractive ways to use QAQ Decorative Screens is to enclose an outdoor living space, creating shade, privacy, and beauty all at once. Here's an example of how you can use decorative screens around your patio from a Henley display home in the Woodlea Estate out in Rockbank, Victoria:

Six 2400mm x 1200mm panels cut in mild steel in the 'Babylon' design are installed in an L-shaped pergola and wall enclosure around this modern patio. This size of screen is one of the larger standard size QAQ manufactures in all designs and materials. Other standard sizes include 600mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 1200mm square, and 1200mm x 1800 with a maximum size of 3600mm x 1200mm (depending upon the choice of material). Custom sizes are also available.

There are over 60 designs to choose from and a large number of materials as well, some suited for indoors and some for outdoors. Mild steel is suited for both indoor or outdoor use and is strong enough to be used as a gate or additional security feature. It can be powder-coated in a number of colors, as can aluminum, another versatile option.

For more information about QAQ decorative screens, email, or simply comment below.

For a quick quote, fill out our home page form.

Thank-you for reading!



Photos~courtesy Vince and Joann Mammone.

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