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Glass Fibre Reinforced concrete Or GRC is the latest material to become available from QAQ for “custom” applications.



What is Zofo (GRC) ?

GRC is a lightweight cementitious composite with greater properties than standard concrete. It consists of cement, silica sand, natural pozzolans, polymers, water, additives and AR fibres, which adds beauty and flexural strength to conventional concrete. GRC weighs one-tenth of precast, therefore Zofo items have significantly reduced weight compared to traditional concrete thus providing greater flexibility in design and especially function. Decorative elements where either the design is complex or weight is an issue can now be accomplished with GRC. Panels with multi-colour finishes or complex geometric shapes can be further enhanced with coloured glass, copper/brass particles or other additives to provide the desired effect.



  • Lightweight: ~50 kg/m2
  • Glass fibre prevents breakage
  • Finished with paint, pre-coloured or textured finish
  • Ease of transportation and installation
  • Weather Resistance


QAQ alongside Zofo can design, engineer and supply GRC exterior and interior facade systems for commercial, residential and educational buildings that are beautiful, durable, energy efficient and cost-effective.


[Click here to see the latest Zofo – Brochure]

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Premium Grade Aluminium Composite Screens/Panels

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The Aluminium Composite Panel is a light-weight composite sandwich panel, consisting of pre-finished, coated aluminium skins, over a polymer or synthetic core. Aluminium Composite is both suitable for both interior and exterior applications. 

Our premium range has been thoroughly tested to the Australian Standards by the Australian approved CSIRO and/or Warrington Fire, including full room burn tests. It is also ABCB Codemark Certified to comply with the building code of Australia; ensuring that you are specifying a quality assured product.

In addition to meeting rigorous Australian Standards, due to its versatility, the use of premium Aluminium Composite panel provides a range of advantages:

• Cost-effective

• Low maintenance

• Robust durability & Lightweight

• Unlimited colour range available

• Weather resistant

• Easy to install

• High-class Kynar 500 PVDF surface finish

• Can be cut on site and is flexible in terms of its ability to be folded, curved and shaped


Latest Aluminium Composite Guide can be downloaded from here: Premium ACM Brochure


Solid Colour Range:

White Range 

Black & Grey Range

Green Range 

Blue Range 

Yellow Range

Orange Range 

Red Range

Brown Range 



Sparkling Range

Chromatic Range

Wood textured Range

Natureline Range





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